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Hi my grandad has Alzheimer's  he is in the late stage.
He can't do anything anymore he is complete bed ridden, he can only mumble and make grunting sounds, he has been to the hospital a few times in the last couple of months due to falls, in the last 6 weeks he has gone from being able to walk around to the state he is in now. He is really cold to touch as well.
I was wondering how long he will struggle for the way he is before he will pass

Hi Steph,
I wish I could answer this for you. I do know the last stage usually lasts 18 months to 2 years give or take.
There are many factors that play into the longevity though. Used to be that pneumonia was called the old people's friend but now that we take them to the doctor/hospital everytime they sneeze elderly are being kept alive longer. The use of antibiotics, flu shots, pneumonia shots, etc also extend their lives. While this is a good thing for the healthy elderly, to me it is an extended prison sentence to the elderly with dementia.

So to further answer your question, depending on how you react to any illness he may have will either extend or decrease his longevity. You (or whoever has power of attorney) has the right to say no more! No more trips to the hospital no more antibiotics no more flu shots! Dying from pneumonia is very peaceful. Not painful at all.

I hope this helps. I know these aren't easy decisions, but stand back and ask yourself: if you could've asked him 10 tears ago if he wanted to be like he is now - what do you think his answer would be? I bet NO! I surely do not want that for myself and can't imagine anyone wanting it.

Take care of yourself. Sending you lots of positive thoughts.

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I can offer families and caregivers non-diagnostic answers to questions regarding the disease. I travel around the state giving courses on Alzheimer`s disease for nurses and CNA`s.


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I have coordinated Alzheimer's Clinical drug trials since 1987. I have coordinated the Memory Disorders Clinic since it's inception 1994. I also have personnal experience from caring for my mother who died of AD 5/2000 and presently from caring for my mother in law who was diagnosed in March 2000.

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