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Alzheimer`s Disease/Violent Outburst/Foul Language


My brother has dementia, hasn't been diagnosed yet with Alzheimer but showing signs. Recently, when he's talking if we interrupt him (not on purpose) he's violent, yelling, and with outburst evening using foul language. My brother a Veteran of Vietnam and diagnosed with PTSD also abused Alcohol for years.

I'm overwhelmed with him, yet he's young only 67. He still lives alone in a large building and it seems when we try to talk to him everyone is wrong and he's RIGHT. He will not let me talk to him about moving to an assisted living facility.

Are violent outburst and using foul language a part of Dementia, Alcohol Dementia or Alzheimer?

I love my brother very much, we have a caretaker that takes him out on outings, but the other day he had an outburst at a restaurant and used and very bad word out loud and yelled at her to shut up.  WHAT SHOULD I DO?

Hi Mary,
I am so sorry you are going through this with your brother. My first question to you is why haven't you had him diagnosed? What are you waiting for?

The language he is using unfortunately does occur with all types of dementia. Getting him to a doctor that specializes in dementia will also get the doctor to prescribe medicines that can help curb that behavior. And medicines will be needed to do it. You will not be able to "talk" to him about it. He isn't in control when his disease makes him say those things.

So make an appointment ASAP. And don't tell your brother it's because of his language or supposed dementia. Tell him it's a check up. Otherwise I fear he won't go!
Good luck! Let me know how it goes!

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