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My grandmother is in "stage 7" of AD. She has been bed bound for almost 4 years now, and has lost the ability to do just about everything. For the last month she has been having constant(24/7) jerking in her arm and jaw (her right leg started in the last 24 hours). Hospice informed my mother that they were mini-strokes even though it looks like a seizure. They never stop. She has also Stopped eating and only takes about 20-32 ounces of water a day. Her pulse seems to be normal, but BP is very low, and is on oxygen all the time to assist with her breathing. I was just wondering how close to the end are we?

Hello Steph:  I'm sorry to hear of your grandmother's slow decline. I know it must be very hard for you and your family to watch.  It's difficult to say just how close to the end she is, but her hospice nurse would be able to give you an idea of some of the signs of impending death.  If her legs begin to turn a mottled blue, that's often a sign the end is very near.  I'm very glad to hear she is on hospice since they will be able to keep her more comfortable.  I think it's likely she doesn't know her arms and jaw are jerking like that, and if she seems to be uncomfortable by anything, the hospice nurses could give her something to calm her.  Please don't hesitate to ask the hospice nurses any questions you have because that's one of their duties--to also care for the caregivers.  I wish your grandmother a peaceful passing Steph.  Cindy

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