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Is there a certain range of severity as far as different demensia diseases? We recently discovered my mother doesn't have Alzheimer's, but probably does have some form of Demensia. I am not sure if I should feel happy she doesn't have Alzheimer's, or if her symptoms could be just as bad with some other type of memory loss disease.

Hello James,

Thank you very much for writing.  As you know, there are many types of Dementia.  Alzheimer's is just one type of Dementia.  

With regards as to levels or types of severity, that is an excellent question.  There are certainly some Dementias that are more "treatable" than Alzehimer's.  For instance, Lewy Body Dementia is a type of dementia that causes a build up of proteins in portions of the brain.  Mayo Clinic has been working on a medication that can "clear away" some of those proteins and thus, the person has less Dementia symptoms and can seemingly "improve".  Alzheimer's, on the other hand, is a progressive disease that destroys portions of the brain.  There is really nothing to treat it; although U of Pittsburgh and Boston Mass General are feverishly working on a "vaccination" to stop the disease.  

Therefore, it is important to determine if your mother's Dementia is caused by a Build up of something in the brain.....or a destruction of the brain tissues.   This will determine the treatments.  

So, depending on what Type of Dementia your mother has; yes, i would say there is more hope that it can be treated.  

World medicine, especially here in the United States is finally catching on that Dementias are a significant issue in healthcare.

My only suggestion is that if something doesn't work for your mom, don't give up...keep trying and keep getting second and third opinions.

With Best Regards,

Michalene Peticca, MA  

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