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Alzheimer`s Disease/What can we do to slow down AD?


QUESTION: I have a question for you regarding alzheimer's Disease.

My dad has been diagnosed for some time now with the disease, and wanted to ask a few question as far as understanding the disease and what it can cause my father to do.

My father at times seems to try and get his cellphone and try to change the TV and then just the other day my father also was scratching a lottery ticket and he even put the lottery ticket down and tried scratching his cellphone.  are these normal for people that have alzhiemer's?

ANSWER: Dear Charles,

If anything an be consider normal for people diagnosed with Alzheimer's, the behavior you describe is perfectly "normal". Since it does not seem to do him or you any harm, the best reaction is letting it go. Watch for development of such behaviors as night walking, automatic behaviors like switching on the stove, undressing in cold environments, restlessness, compulsiveness, suspiciousness, etc. Those may progress into really harmful patterns. Should it happen, you must discuss the situation with professional caregivers. You might want to learn how to gently distract your Dad from harmful behaviors.

Wishing you and your Dad as much peace as there can be,

Tanya Zilberter

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Alright I just wanted to make sure that the things that he is doing right now is normal.  Now, is it wrong for me to correct him when he is doing something like this?  or can correcting him make the problem worse?  Right now when I am correcting him I tell him in a joking way to correct him like saying...."silly goose not like that" or "let me help you"....I just dont want to make matters worse for him.  

The other thing is there anything that we can do in order to slow down the process of the disease and if so what can we do?


Until your reactions don't irritate or frighten your Dad, try anything you feel safe doing, if not for his sake, then maybe for yours.

As to your second question, it's good you asked. I cannot give you direct recommendations but our experience with several AD patients and my husband's lab research give some hope that there is something that you can do right now. It's a common nutritional supplement pyruvate. Research on mice model of AD showed that adding pyruvate to food for 6 weeks reversed AD pathology in mice brain. Pyruvate is safe to use and inexpensive. The dosage 6 g a day is well researched in humans, it demonstrated signs of improved energy metabolism, which is badly damaged in AD.

Please read more at Energy for the Brain - official site for this research group in France. To see why energy metabolism is so tightly linked to AD, read about metabolic stress and recent articles.

Please don't hesitate asking any further questions!


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