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Alzheimer`s Disease/Husband with demetia, messes his pants


Joyce wrote at 2013-08-21 11:02:39
Joanne, I just read your question to Mary Gordon this lady has guided me in the last year and a half I contacted her 5 times regarding my spouse's Parkinson/LBD illness she has been amazing..

My thoughts and prayers are with you as these diseases are not a joke both on the person that has them but I think even worse on the caretaker and families...

If you ever need a shoulder please send me an e-mail..

Alzheimer`s Disease

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Mary Gordon


Several years direct experience as caregiver for family member who died of end stage AD. Did lots of research and dealt with a lot of health care professionals and caregivers over the 7 years from diagnosis to the end. Used various care options from community based resources to increasing levels of institutional. Mother of three, two born during our loved one's decline, so I know what it is to be the ham in the sandwich, taking care of the older generation and the younger at the same time and trying to balance everyone`s needs. Ask me, I`ve probably been there, done that. We made lost of mistakes and learned everything the hard way - but you don`t have to! If I can`t answer your question, I`ll steer you to a place or person who can.


Currently a program manager for a large utility company. My Alzheimers experience comes from having the illness in our family. Out of necessity, we did a lot of research in order to understand the disease, plan for what might come next, and make the right decisions to help and support our loved one. Please note, I am a Canadian living in Toronto, and therefore am not the best person to ask about US regulations and insurance rules!

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