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My mother is now on hospice and just survived a bout of possible asperation pneumonia. What scares me is that now that she is on hospice she has gone from someone who was supposedly on very little medication to being given Ativan and other drugs I was not aware of. Today they even wanted to give her Haldol. My younger brother told them not to. She recovered from the horrible liquid cough and choking when given antibiotics and seemed to have bounced back. We actually saw some spunky behaviour which was glorious to us after we thought she was near death. This all happened after choking at breakfast on a Thurs. I am writing this on the following Monday. Today she was pleasantly talking away mentioning name after name and basically uttering everything going thru her mind whethter it all made sense or not. It was fun for us to hear her at first. But then I realized she could not stop. It was exhausting. I am sure for her as well. mY question if whther or not ativan could cause this reaction or the antibiotic? It was just bizarre. Then they wanted to get a urine sample suggestion a UTI might be causing this. How can they test for a uti when she is on an antibiotic???? My husband says hospice care will be a different kind of treatment. I am just afraid they are going to drug the hell out of my poor mother. Why can't she just be allowed to do her thing and be given meds for pain if and when this happens. I just don't see the need for all these other crazy meds. Also could the verbal thing be part of the dying process?? She is 95 and has had some form of dementia since her early 80's if not longer. I just feel she does better when they are not fooling around with all the medicine.The hospice is confusing to me because they act like they are going to use as little meds as possible, but then all this is going on. I feel like they are just trying to stop some of her dementia behaviors. It is almost as if they are not familiar with dementia and how patients behave. She is on Altus. Am I allowed to mention the hospice by name?????

Dear Ann,
I'm not sure what kind of Hospice your mother is in but its none like I've ever heard of! Hospice is supposed to help patients die peacefully.  If you are still wanting them to treat diseases, such as pneumonia, flu, UTI's etc, then she wouldn't qualify for Hospice!
I'm not sure about Texas law, but if you have her medical POA then you should have the right to tell them NO more anything!!

The Ativan could be causing her to act this way. Why are they giving her all of this stuff?  Is she acting hostile?? I think you need to attend a care plan meeting with the staff and tell them exactly what you want for your mom!  Do you know what you want?  I ask this because you say you treated her for the pneumonia, which to me says you are not really ready for her to go.  Pneumonia used to be called "the old people's friend" because if would allow them to die peacefully.  They have no pain with pneumonia. So think about it.  Are you ready for her to just go? Seems like she has suffered enough with this awful disease.  You are allowed to let her go.  I'm sure if you could have asked her in her 70's if she wanted to be in this position now she would have said absolutely NOT!

As for whether or not you can mention the Hospice name, I don't think it really matters on this page.  

I hope you get to the resolution of this fast.  No need to put your mom through anymore than she has been through already. And if the Hospice team really insists on giving her all these meds have her moved somewhere else!  Good luck I know this is very difficult.  My thoughts are with you!


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