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Michalene, my 80 yr old mother takes many of the typical meds for someone her age. She also takes a couple meds for Alzheimer's. Approx 6 wks ago, her doc added Exelon patch to the regimen. The patch always leaves a mark, but recently she's been bruising & itching a lot. I don't find those to be side effects of Exelon, but at a loss for possible cause. She obviously needs to see doctor again soon, but I'm interested in your thoughts. Thanks.

Hello Ed,

Thank you for writing.  

I often receive questions on medications, and possible side effects thereof, that i just can't answer because i am not a physician.  I've learned not to "speculate" but rather strongly urge either a second opinion or be seen by a Dermatologist that may be able to help.  

I do know that i personally have a Latex allergy, and any type of patch medication may irritate that allergy.   Again, i would suggest a second opinion.

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Michalene Peticca, MA  

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