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Good afternoon Paula..
I was guided by Mary Gordon which was one of your Ask the expert for the last year and a half but I don't not see her except some answers..
She had sent me the 7 Stages of LBD my spouse of 74 in Sept has both of these diseases and he has gone down very fast the LBD he was diagnosed in Jan 2012 the Parkinson it will be 6 yrs in Sept..
He is now having trouble getting to the bathroom on time as of about 3 weeks he is having more accidents in his diaper (he has been in a LTCF for a year and a half..
He is also having more hallucations, I am having a lot of trouble understanding what he is saying and his speech is very low and mumbled..
Most times he is not sure who I am but always pretends he does,he has fallen 13 times in the last 15 days, he is having a lot of trouble sleeping but does go to bed early evening and seems to look forward to that now I would say for the past 3-4 months, he is also on Puré or Soft food because his Parkinson Dr. is scared of Pneumonia setting in as he chokes with or without food or beverage..
He mood is changing slowly not too much with me but if the staff tries to get him to do something that he doesn't want to do he will become stubborn at times not always, he is a very passive man and it kills me to see him like this..
My question is I think he is coming into stage 7 and what can I do now to prepare myself for what's coming...

Thank you for your time


Hi Joyce,
I know this is no fun for you or him. Terrible disease I wish you didn't have to go through it!

I think you are right he may be entering the last stages. I'm not sure what is available in Canada, but if there is Hospice I would suggest you contact them. I think at this stage your goal should be comfort care for him. At this point there isn't really any reason to keep him "healthy". You really want at this point quality of life rather than quantity and Hospice can help you achieve that.

As for what to expect, usually there is a continuation of his decline. Everyone progresses differently some totally decline to the point of "infancy" others are luckier and get a pneumonia or bronchitis or flu that ends their life. None of these are painful ways for him to die. Pneumonia used to be called the old people's friend because it allowed them to die peacefully, but now we give antibiotics and everyone lives longer. With Hospice they would guide you to the medications that will prolong his life and which ones are for comfort.

I hope that he passes sooner rather than later because watching him get to the infancy stage is not pleasant. I hope you can get Hospice care where you are. If not please know that you can tell his doctors that you only want comfort care. No more antibiotics, no more flu shots or pneumonia shots. Let it be between him and God (or nature or whatever you believe). He has been through enough and so have you.

I hope this helps and that you find peace. Take care of yourself and feel free to write again.

Take care,

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I can offer families and caregivers non-diagnostic answers to questions regarding the disease. I travel around the state giving courses on Alzheimer`s disease for nurses and CNA`s.


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I have coordinated Alzheimer's Clinical drug trials since 1987. I have coordinated the Memory Disorders Clinic since it's inception 1994. I also have personnal experience from caring for my mother who died of AD 5/2000 and presently from caring for my mother in law who was diagnosed in March 2000.

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