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Michalene, My mother is in 5th stage Alzheimer's and my brother and I have been procrastinating. She lives alone in Texas, but we visit her daily. It's time to get her into a home, as it is not feasible for her to live with either of us because we are absent much of the day. Her income and assets are limited, so I'm sure she will need Medicaid assistance at some point. I guess we need to talk to a social worker first. Where do we find a social worker? Wouldn't a social worker who works for a nursing home give answers to questions in her own self-interest as an employee of the home? Alzheimer's Association doesn't really address that issue. What should we do? Thanks for your time.

Hi Ed,

Thank you for writing.   I know this can be a challenging and frustrating time as you all decide what is best for your mom.

If you feel that she needs to be placed in a home for her own safety and security, you will want to contact your local Office of Aging (County agency) and begin paperwork for nursing home placement and medical assistance.   All medical assistance paperwork begins at the county or state level.   And, it is in my opinion that having the Office of Aging involved with your mom's financial interests may be best at placement time so that you know up front if medical assistance will pay from the start or if she will have to "spend down" some assets first.

One last thought before placement; although I am in Pennsylvania, I am working as a Director of an Adult Day Services that is open all day and we have folks that attend all day and then go home at night.   A handful still do live on their own.   Would that be something available to your mom?  It has helped many of our folks live an extra year or two in their homes.  Of course, as I said earlier, safety and security are first for your mother.

I know you all will make the best decision.

With Best Regards,

Michalene Peticca, MA

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