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Dear Dr Zilberter,

I've found a page on Facebook that seemed to be promising for people concerned with Alzheimer's prevention but it seems to be not quite active. I saw your recent post there. Do you recommend something really interactive and encouraging?

Thank you,

Peter Gross

Dear Peter,

Thank you for your interest to this page. As far as I am concerned, this page has been created in order to offer an interactive social platform so it'd be highly appreciated if you post your questions, concerns and suggestions there. Your post(s) can initiate valuable discussion thread(s). Also, there are two websites where you can ask questions and get answers via contacting the Ageless Brain and Brain Fuels.

If there's anything I can help you with in Alzheimer's self-education, please don't hesitate asking or suggesting.

Tanya Zilberter

Alzheimer`s Disease

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Tanya Zilberter


I can answer questions concerning prevention and the latest trends in treatment of Alzheimer's disease.


Worked as an expert consultant for the Mediterranean Institute of Neurobiology, then in the Institute of Systems Neuroscience in Marseille, France. Currently collaborate with the research group "Metabolism and Neuroprotection". Project: metabolic correction of neurodegenerative diseases; supported by the Alzheimer's Association grant. Developer and editor of the official website of the Group.

PhD in Neurophysiology

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