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Hi my mother was detected with dementia about three months ago. From what I have read on the subject, she does not exactly display 'typical' behaviour in the sense she is quiet and forgetful in the mornings and afternoons but come post 8.00pm she is absolutely normal ! could you please explain this strange behaviour ? Ive read about the sundown syndrome but this is the absolute opposite and it confuses the living day lights out of me !
I lost my father to alzheimer two years ago and I feel her problem is more psychological as she apes every symptom my dad went through. Could this be a delayed reaction caused by depression ? is this really dementia or am I missing something. Unfortunately the doctors are not being able to tell us exactly for sure and keep shunting her between departments! the neuro doc says its a depression and she needs to see a psychiatrist and when we take her to the shrink, he tells us its a neuro issue and sends us right back !please advice. kind regards

Hi Nita,

Thank you for writing.   Although Dementia symptoms can be "different" for each individual, there are some "common" similarities between it's behavioral displays.  

I tend to agree that this appears more like a Depression than a specific Dementia.  However, don't forget, Depressive symptoms can "mirror" Dementia at times.

I would suggest taking her to a geriatric specific doctor that can help your mom start on an anti-depressant and see if that helps her in the mornings.  It doesn't sound like the psychiatrist you have taken her too is used to geriatric depressions.  

I know this is hard to get an answer, but keep trying for a second or third opinion if need be.

With Best Regards,

Michalene Peticca, MA

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