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Alzheimer`s Disease/Suspected Alzheimer's Disease


My Father In Law's age is 91 years
Some 3 years back he developed Diabetes Neuropathy and was operated for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in one finger.Since that time after recovery  he had been taking Gabapentin 300 regularly. Now he has no Neuropathy problem.But recently he has developed Dementia and associated Alzheimer's  problem.He had also suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome,but the problem is not much now.
 Main Problems at present
1)Forgetting earlier information 2)Mood Changes 3)Confusion about time and place,4)Communication Difficulties,5)Difficulty recognising family ,
persons,6)Feeling of restlessness,7)Loss of Appetite,8)Inability to understand,9)Immobility to a large extent,10)Impaired Communication/confusion/difficulty speaking/throwing off food,11)Depression/Psychotic,12)Hallucination and Delusion 12)Melancholy,13)Memory loss
RENDERING Impaired Ability to function in daily life.
         Although Alzheimer's Disease is suspected NO Disease Specific Drugs for Alzheimer's Disease could not be given ,AS NO MRI OF BRAIN could be performed DUE TO HIS RESTLESSNESS
 ONLY MEDICINES GIVEN TO HIM PRESENTLY QUETIPINE(25 mg)twice daily and LOXAPINE  on SOS basis.for this dementia problem
         My question to you whether we can give him Acetylcholine improving and Glutamate Receptor Drugs on a low dose to somewhat improve his condition.

Hello Kaylan,

Thank you for writing.   I would like to answer your questions, but I am not a licensed physician and therefore defer you to someone on here that can answer specific pharmaceutical questions.

I appreciate you considering me, and wish you the best in your search for answers.

With best regards,

Michalene Peticca, MA

Alzheimer`s Disease

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