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Hello Paula, I last wrote to you in 2013 about my Spouse's PD/LBD. After Christmas 2013-14 his doctor took him off any heart pills, blood pressure pill as well as he has been progressing fast she told me then he was past the middle of Stage 7..
I am in Quebec, Canada he is in a Long Term Care Facility and they work in Codes here from 1-4,he was elevated to Code 4about a month ago.  
In the last week  he got a long blood cloth in his left foot and leg,blood tests were taken plus xrays the doctor at the hospital started him immediately on a pill that I don't know the name of but he said that he had three choices and he will continue to take this medication twice a day for 3 weeks then I am not sure.
The doctor's one concern was internal bleeding so they are keeping a close watch on injures plus other changes.My question is how lightly is he to get this again or what does this mean he no longer walks is now having incontence.. but never complains

Hi Joyce,
I'm sorry you both are still going through all this. I'm not quite sure what you are writing here it seems a bit out of sorts. However what I'm thinking you are saying is that your husband developed a blood clot in his left leg and is now on blood thinners to try to break up the clot?! Is so then you want to know if this will happen again??

Going with that: because he is now bedridden and the doctors have taken him off all of those other medications (which is a good thing) he is more susceptible to developing clots in his extremities. Unless we are up and moving our muscles have a hard time helping our circulatory system move our blood around our bodies. We need the movement to help do that. As we age out muscles and our circulatory system slow down as well which is why doctors tell us to keep moving. So you see why he is more susceptible to clotting cause he blood is just moving slowly.

You should ask the doctors if what they are doing is giving him quality or quantity of life? If it isn't going to improve his health (which isn't really a concern at this point as his quality of life is not good) and what they are doing is going to allow him to live longer is that what he would want? You must remember that you are his voice. You need to tell them that you want him comfortable and safe. They need to hear that from you.

If I'm totally off course here with your question please do write back! I'm sending you strength to get through this.

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I can offer families and caregivers non-diagnostic answers to questions regarding the disease. I travel around the state giving courses on Alzheimer`s disease for nurses and CNA`s.


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I have coordinated Alzheimer's Clinical drug trials since 1987. I have coordinated the Memory Disorders Clinic since it's inception 1994. I also have personnal experience from caring for my mother who died of AD 5/2000 and presently from caring for my mother in law who was diagnosed in March 2000.

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