Alzheimer`s Disease/Alzheimer`s Disease


Respected Sir,
   Patient Age-90 years.What medicine he should take for some relief.
1)Forgetting  recently learned information
2)Mood Changes including irritability/sometimes weeps
3)Confusion about time and place
4)Communication Difficulties
5)Difficulty recognizing family and friends
6)Feeling of restlessness
7)Loss of appetite
8)Inability to understand  
9)To some extent immobility(he can go to bathroom himself)
10)Impaired communication/confusion/difficulty speaking/throwing off food/walking
11)Difficulty processing new information
12)Irritable Bowel Syndrome/Constipation /Bloating /gas
15)Mood Swings/Most of the time suffering from Melancholy
16) memory loss and confusion about time or place
17) impaired ability to function in daily life.
Rantac(Ranitidine)-300 before food          Simcon(Simethicone +Charcol)   After Meals
Thyronorm(Throid) 12.5 OD          Longifene DS(Buclizine-Before Meals
Glizid 40(Diabetes)  After Lunch          Sorbitrate 5-      8AM and 6PM
Clopitorva(Statin +Clopidrogel)  OD          Ivabid 5(Heart)   8AM and 6 PM
Urimax D(For Prostrate)  OD          Serenace(.25)      Before Lunch+Before Dinner
Gabapin 450( Diabetes Nuropathy)-Evening

Dear Kalyan,

It seems that medication-wise and symptomatic-wise, this person is taken a good care of. I can only share more general approach, shown to address the metabolic underlying of the neuro-degeneration resulted from AD progression.

1) Supply the brain with an energy substrate alternative to glucose, which doesn't work well to feed the brain due to the disease. Recent research showed that some neuronal pathologies in AD model can be reversed by oral supplementation with Pyruvate. It can be bought without prescription online or in health/nutrition stores. The dose used in the study (see references below) is 3 g twice a day .

2) It is good to take care of the inflammatory process, which is going on during AD. The strongest known medicine is Tempol and it also can be found online for treating migraine headaches in combination with ibuprofen. Next best is probably Curcumin or just curcuma powder, both should be taken with a pinch of black pepper and a half-teaspoon of olive oil to insure proper absorption.

3) Last but not least, human studies showed improvement with intranasal administration of insulin. This is not over the counter medicine, you would need to talk to your doctor.


Energy for the brain - official site of the Metabolism and Neuroprotection group (Marseille University)

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Alzheimer`s Disease

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