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I don't have AD or Dementia, at least i am not diagnosed for these conditions but i have a memory problem. I forget things like if i have eaten breakfast or dinner today, when i think very hard about and it is only then i can remember if i have eaten or not. Sometimes i am in a middle of a conversation and forget what i was going to say. Sometimes i want to do something and forget what i was thinking about doing. My question is, are there any medication that can improve this condition? If yes, please tell me what medicines are good for this condition.

My second question is, could this be the start of developing AD or Dementia? I am 34 years old.

Hi Barzan,

Thank you for writing me.  I am sorry you are having a difficult time lately with your memory!

Several points stand out for me about your post:
1.  You are from Norway - your country is one of the LEAST likely countries to have diagnosed AD or Dementia.

2.  Your age.  If you had early stage AD or Dementia, it generally would start in your mid-40's or early 50's.  

3.  Your age again.  You were born into an age of split second responses and high technology.

So, what does all this mean?

  First of all, I am not a physician, so any type of suggestions for medication are purely from experience and I would suggest you see a physician to clarify what would be most appropriate for you.

  At 34 years old, it is very rare that you would have some form Dementia, including AD.  Rather, I would look toward your lifestyle.  Diet?  Alcoholic intake?  Sleep patterns....any imbalance in these can cause dementia like symptoms.  I would start by suggesting a good blood test (CBC) that will look at your overall functioning of your organs and other body chemicals.   Having a diet well balanced in Vitamin Bs, Iron and Potassium is essential.  Good hydration and low caffeine are also helpful for balancing the brain chemicals.

  Also, I would look at your lifestyle...are you stressed?  Why?  When you most often have these moments of forgetfulness?  During the daytime?  Evening?  Weekends?   I would suggest keeping a journal for a month and see if you can find a pattern.

  If neither of these two suggestions prove to point to something other than neurological, please see a neurologist and have a CAT scan or PET scan  (I'm not sure what is available in Norway).

   Again, having AD or Dementia at 34 would be truly rare.  Please feel free to write back and let me know the results.   I will pray for an easy answer for you.

With Best Regards,

Michalene Peticca, MA

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