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Hello Cindy You have been  giving me great information The lady i take care has a promblem drinking water  she said it make her sick She drink  a little But it hard for me  try to get her to drink it I don't know if because she had stomach surgery a long time ago She get dizzy  alot and up set stomach come and go   But she drinks diet rite i think that can cause some of those symptoms she said that help her nausous And she was  in the hospital other day she had short of breath  dizzy thought she was going to pass out on me  So i  called ambulance All they could find she was a little dehydrated low on magnism  they gave her  i v fluids her chest and brain scan came back negative I feel and her daughter agree she drinks to much diet rite  The doctors say she needs to drink more water And her daughter has try to tell her the doctors told her  Is it the dementia  I feel like the bad guy here  When I'm taking care of her I tried to get her to drink water with electrolytes  water , and popsicle with electroylites does do that but she drink diet rite too  i try to explain her that diet rite is not good for her But she said she need it Maybe  one or two a day and switch off  Will i know she 81 years old  can you tell what i should do in this situation Because it getting stressful on me  or have any alternative  Just leave alone  and don't push it Is  diet rite a fluids Since she  is getting some water  I'm don;t want her to be back in the hospital Thank you Carolyn

Hello Carolyn:  Yes, elders with dementia will often be very stubborn about what they will and will not eat/drink.  I'm wondering if the cola in the Diet Rite (if it has cola), is what is helping to settle her stomach?  A couple of suggestions:  Be sure to put lots of ice in her drink so that she will get more water with it; If she doesn't like ice, then try to water the drink down a bit; Bargain with her--"The doctor said you can only have 3 of these every day, and you must drink more water, so if you drink this 1/2 cup of water FIRST, you can have the Diet Rite; If she doesn't like water, how about adding some flavor?  Is there a cola flavor you can add to it?  You need to pick your battles with this lovely lady.  Talk with the daughter and come to a decision--she's 81 and she wants what she wants--how much are you willing to give her to keep her happy in her last years?  I know if I were 81 and I was told I eat too much chocolate and it's not good for me, I would say "I'd rather eat chocolate and be happy for 1 more year than do without it & maybe live longer for 5 more years." It's quality versus quantity of life.  Good luck to you Carolyn as you continue to care for this elder.  Cindy  

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