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QUESTION: Dear Tanya

I write to you concerning issues with me which I consider to be major.
I am 48 years old, and m first job was at the age of 22. All of my work life I have been forgetting things pertaining to my job, and this is compounded by errors, which I do not have enough common sense to realize where I am going off course in whatever I do. In recent years I visited my doctor, and got medication to treat this condition, for based on how she explained my condition it appears where information in the brain is not flowing freely, and this causes a misunderstanding on my part, and if it is not pointed out to me, I might not see my error at all, or sometimes there is a delay with my common sense where I realize the implication of my error the following day.
The medication I am on for life, is one called Covington forte, and this helps me a great deal, and where it enables me to function at a level which is satisfactory to me. But, at times I still make unusual errors, for example, some time ago I was drinking a bag juice, and it slipped from my hand and fell on the road. I picked it up and was searching while walking, for a garbage can. I do not know at what point I had a lapse in my consciousness, but I mistakenly put the bag to my mouth and it is when I felt the dirt from the road, on the bag, on my mouth, I was reminded that I dropped it on the road about a minute earlier.
I was riding on the bus with my daughter, and grew tired and fell asleep. When I awoke, my daughter who was beside me, when I looked on her, she was a total stranger to me. Can you tell me exactly what is happening to me?
Thanks in anticipation of your reply.

ANSWER: Dear David,

To my answer to me helpful, I need to know your dyagnosis. Since you are prescribed Cavinton forte, it can be one of quite a few things, for example sleep-like states due to neuronal hyperactivity in certain brain areas or insufficient blood flow in the brain. Did they do brain scanning for you and if yes, what did they tell you? Did they record your EEG?

Please answer these my questions and I might suggest something to help you.

Tanya Zilberter

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QUESTION: Dear Tanya

Thanks for responding to my query. I never did a brain scan. Do you suggests that I do one?

Sorry, I missed your followup question.

It would be helpful for me to better understand your situation but you can try to do something to generally improve your concentration. I would try to take the supplement called Pyruvate. It has been proved safe but until recently was used as muscle power enhancement. It turns out that it's much more efficient for brain metabolism. Please read about it at Energy for the brain.

You can find this supplement in your pharmacy or nutrition store, or order over the internet, for example at

Keep in tough!

Tanya Zilberter  

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