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Good evening Paula once again I am writing to you..I last wrote after my husband had a blood cloth in his leg since then his health is declining in peaks..
In the past month I would say he is really bad pain on the left side of his body right up into his head also his back,,he has been allowed Morphine when needed but he in the past week is in so much pain and can no longer stand (he was standing to be able to use the toilet chair) but no longer because of the severe pain so in the last few days only a transfer is being used for chair, toilet and bed but this also is giving him great pain,, the doctor has prescribed as of next Thurs 250gr Static (apparently if the pain continues the dose goes higher is that right or would it be oftener) (does this sound right Morphine I think) at noon this sounds like a lot but I am very confused by all of these changes he is getting very tired, quite his speech I cannot understand and also seeing things that is scaring him, he is in a Long Term Care Facility here in Canada it's been 2.5 degree now,,he is in a wheel chair 12 hours a day because he will not sleep during the day..I noticed with the pain he is having he is getting aggressive which is certainly understandable.
A guess what I am asking is Are we now getting closer to Comfort Care which is what they call it here?
He is at Code 4 which is the final Code not to be moved, I have asked that if the pain continues that all transfers be discontinued is this the right decision and what can I expect after that I can only think that the Morphine will make him sleep more etc. I am so upset these days because I think I have finally realized that our time together is numbered, this is a horrible disease one day you say "no yesterday I was just imaging but reality sets in and you don't know what to think..
You have helped me in the past and I do know what's coming but not sure of where were at..
This man has been my life for 27 years and I don't want him to leave me but on the other hand I cannot stand to see him suffer I only hope I have taken the right decision..
Thank you so much

Hi Joyce,
I'm sorry you have gotten to this place. Sorry for both of you. Absolutely you are at the Comfort Care stage! They will handle his pain much better. It will help end his suffering. I know you don't want to lose him but really haven't you already lost the man you married? This poor man now is suffering and you don't want that. Not I'm sure would he ever want this for himself if he could make the choice. The pain meds and the pain can be causing him to see things which aren't there as well as the disease itself. The Comfort Care team will be able to help with that too.

Call them today. I know this is the hardest thing you've ever had to do but it will be the last BEST gift you will ever give him. I'm sending you lots of strength to get through this. Your love will help you too.

Please write whenever you want. I'll be thinking of you.

Take care of yourself,

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I can offer families and caregivers non-diagnostic answers to questions regarding the disease. I travel around the state giving courses on Alzheimer`s disease for nurses and CNA`s.


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I have coordinated Alzheimer's Clinical drug trials since 1987. I have coordinated the Memory Disorders Clinic since it's inception 1994. I also have personnal experience from caring for my mother who died of AD 5/2000 and presently from caring for my mother in law who was diagnosed in March 2000.

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