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Hello doctor Tanya
My  father(81 years old), has been diagnosed of AD in january of this year. The symptons started to appear in june 2014 and have developed so quickly. My question its about the use of Pyruvate, i read your past answers and im interested, because ive studied glycolisis in the past(i am a biochemist). I want to know your opinion about the use of pyruvate in my father, he is already taking donepezil, memantine, metformine, losartan, tamsulosin and rosuvastatin.
His serological parameters are ok, glucose, cholesterol, urea, creatinin etcetera.

Dear Jose,

I strongly recommend pyruvate for your father! It's safe and relatively inexpensive. The effective dose is 6 g/day. Metformine might act synergistically since it affect the prevailing metabolic pathway shifting it toward the lipid utilization as pyruvate does (but it's only a part of its effects).

May I suggest that you as a biochemist read the details - if you need, I can supply you with full text articles mentioned by the official site.

Read about it at Energy for the brain.

Please don't hesitate asking me any further questions!


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