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Alzheimer`s Disease/Anti Psychotic Drug Quetiapine


My 92 year old father is suffering from Alzheimer's/ Dementia.He is taking Quetiapine for relief from hallucinations , delusions, and ease agitation.But the  patient is suffering stiffness in hands/legs and muscle stiffness.Probably the medicine has got some extra pyramidal effects which is causing this type of pseudo parkinsion problem.If we stop Quetiapine his restlessness increases.How long this can be taken,as we apprehend bending of knees etc in future.Although this a (SGA)second generation antipsychotic drug,whther a second alternative better medicine is there to take of his problems with MINIMISED side effect

Dear Kalyan,

I cannot consult any patient, I can only help with general information and perhaps point to an alternative way to look at the problem. So, as you already mentioned, Quetiapine is atypical antipsychotics, it is not intended for treating Alcheimer's disease since it worsens intellectual functioning in elderly and doesn't improve any condition in Alzheimer's patients. Compared with placebo, quetiapine is associated with significantly greater cognitive decline (Ballard et al., 2005)*

Drugs belonging to this class, as is stated in a recent article, "... have been associated with serious metabolic side effects, are increasingly being used for off-label indications other than psychosis, with little guidance available in this context as to risk of side effects, or monitoring." (Hahn et al., 2015)**

The metabolic aspect of any neurodegenerative disease is very, I mean VERY important - and you might want to consider a new, safe and efficient way to protect your father from this serious adverse effect of Quetiapine. I am talking about an OTC energy supplement Pyruvate, which is shown to be a powerful neuroprotector rescuing the murine models from brain damage due to genetically programmed Alzheimer's disease. Please visit one of public-oriented pages of the Metabolism and Neuroprotection research group of Marseille's University *** and shall you have any further questions, don't hesitate contacting the group via their contact form or just post your question(s) here at


* BMJ 330 (7496): 874 - full text is available here

** Brain Disord Ther, 4(149), 2 - full text: here

*** Energy for the Brain - Metabolism and Neuroprotection Group  

Alzheimer`s Disease

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