Alzheimer`s Disease/Brain atrophy.


Hello, I'm an eighteen year old girl. I'm a student and I had seizures since I was thirteen.

So, I thought my epilepsy had no cause and developed because of nothing. But later I found out that I have a scar in my brain and my MRI result shows that I have frontal lobe atrophy.

I have no idea what's that.

Could you tell me what is frontal lobe atrophy? I googled it but it came out as dementia and things like that so please help me understand what is going on in my brain. Thank you.

Btw, I'm on medication, and it's Keppra.

Dear Sarah,

Any brain atrophy means that the area in question shrinks. What is important for you, it's not necessarily irreversible. For example, when people age, their brains usually shrink, but many types of activities such as physical, especially multimodal (e.g. dance), social and cognitive - often result in brain size recovery and/or functional compensation detectable, for example in fMRI. When it's happening, other brain structures start demonstrating activities, which were uncharacteristic for them before.

These beneficial processes can be accelerated and supported by neuroprotectors, such as pyruvate, methylene blue, curcumin, etc. You might want to read more about it at these websites: Energy for the Brain, Ageless Brain or Brain Fuels.

Pay special attention to the following topics:

pyruvate and epilepsy
pyruvate is a unique neuroprotector
cognitive reserve

Please don't hesitate asking me further questions!

Tanya Zilberter  

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