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Alzheimer`s Disease/Depression with Alzheimers


What do you think are the possible reasons that someone with Alzheimers might develop depression?

Usually people have depression before the diagnosis. That being said, depending on the stage of the disease, being told one has AD is pretty depressing! People with dementia can also be reacting to anything that is going on around them. So if a spouse is depressed, the patient could be depressed in reaction to the spouse.

Or they could be stuck in their mind about an event which occurred years ago, and that could cause them to be depressed.

I hope this answers your question. Please feel free to ask again if not!


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Paula Damgaard


I can offer families and caregivers non-diagnostic answers to questions regarding the disease. I travel around the state giving courses on Alzheimer`s disease for nurses and CNA`s.


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I have coordinated Alzheimer's Clinical drug trials since 1987. I have coordinated the Memory Disorders Clinic since it's inception 1994. I also have personnal experience from caring for my mother who died of AD 5/2000 and presently from caring for my mother in law who was diagnosed in March 2000.

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