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Alzheimer`s Disease/Stages of and progression of AD


My husband who is 84 was diagnosed 6 yrs. ago.progression of disease was slow but steady until July 2015 when he had 2 hospital admits.  One for UTI and the other for similar symptoms but found that he had a compression fracture and spinal stenosis.  At this point he became incontinen and has declined steadily.  Hospice then became involved and we have AIDS who visit 4 times a week for personal care.  The ARNP reevaluated him late Dec. and classified him as stage 6e. We now have hospital. Bed. Walker and wheelchair for his use.  His limbs have become very rigid and I am having a very difficult time dressing him and trying to get him into and out of the car.  Walking has become very unsteady and he is quite hunched over.  Yesterday I noticed his hands were trembling quite a bit.  Hospice is a wonderful support system but I wish someone could give me better insight as to what to expect.  I don't know how long I will be able to provide the care he requires at home.  Yesterday I got a call from the day care facility he attends saying that he had a slight temp and elevated heart rate.  When I picked him up we could barely get him to the car.  He is still eating moderately well in the morning and lunchtime.  The evening meal is iffy.  Has somewhat of a.swallowing issue. I would appreciate any advice or comments. Thank you.

Hi Lorraine,

Thank you so much for writing.   I am so very sorry for your medical challenges with your husband but applaud your commitment and tenacity to the care of your husband.

While each person progresses through the Alzheimer's disease process differently, there are many commonalities that you have already seen.

Reading your information, you ask how long can you provide care he needs at home.  How long do you want to provide care?   It takes a team effort from the adult day care, hospice and yourself.   My question is....what is YOUR limitation for providing care?  No judging, just an open question you may ask yourself.

Your husband will continue to decline and need more and more help.  If you are not feeding him already, he will need that as well.  He may eventually need a feeding tube if he is having swallowing difficulties; is that something you want for him?

This is the time to really reflect on what you and your husband have decided in terms of life end conditions and what measures to sustain life.  Each person and couple generally have their own boundaries that they have established.  I would say to honor your husband's wishes....what would they be?   

I wish you the best and know you will make the right decisions based on what your husband would want for himself.

With best regards,

Michalene Peticca, MA  

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