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Alzheimer`s Disease/Brain support for energy and to fight inflammation


QUESTION: hello. dr Tania.  is it possible she could have alzheimer?. she has become so forgetful. when i ask something she stares like she is struggling looking for an answer. oftentimes she has episodes of her mind going blank, but a few days ago she had 2 episodes of going blank so bad  that she felt her mind and body were  shutting down like there were no  thoughts left in her mind and her body simply becoming still like a statue.  she has used for many year the computer and her cell phone. could these devices be the cause? she also has brain fog. lack of concentration, stress, fatigue. the neurologist ordered an mri and blood test. i will get the results in 3 days. but do you think she needs medication? but i really hope she could take something natural, how can she renew her brain? and her body?  i am so worried. thanks.

ANSWER: Dear Ann,

By now, you probably do have the fMRI test results. Please tell me what they are and I think I'll be able to advise you something helpful.

I wish you and your granddaughter good luck and looking forward to your reply.

Best regards,

Tanya Zilberter

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: hello dr Tanya. she  got the results today. the (brain) mri is normal, and the blood test is normal except ANA which is positive, the neurologist referred  her now to a rheumatologist. she has allergies year round, runny nose,chronic  stuffy nose, throat mucus since she was 3 years old.. she sleeps with her mouth open since she was 3 years old and all the prescription nasal sprays have failed but during the day her nostrils open. she takes zyrtec daily but it doesnt help. i sometimes think she doesnt inhale enough oxigen b/c when she gets up in the morning she has dark circles under her eyes and she wakes up tired. dr tanya thankyou very much.

Dear Ann,

I agree with you that your granddaughter might experience a lack of oxygen. Anyway, here are my recommendations on how to improve her brain functioning considering her condition:

1. Pyruvate. It's a supplement used for decades to improve muscle performance by supplying extra energy substrate. To read more about it, visit our official website Energy for the brain.

Important! We are researchers and do not sell anything. Please browse the Web or ask your pharmacist, it should not be expensive: the effective dose is 6 grams a day so a month's supply can be as low as $20.

2. Curcumin/Turmeric for inflammation. This can be in the form of a spice or capsules, it's approximately the same cost. Take about a spoonful twice a day. Both forms should be taken with  little of olive oil and a pinch of freshly ground black pepper for a better bioavailability.

Please don't hesitate asking me any further question!

Tanya Zilberter

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