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Alzheimer`s Disease/Where can I find information about prevention and cure of Alzheimer's?


Dear Tanya Zilberter,
Im currently completing a project about how we can stop the progression of AD and potentially cure it; I just have some general questions and I would find it ever so helpful if you could help me answer them. Here's a list of questions I have.
1) Which medication used by Alzheimer's patients is the most effective and can it help stop the progression of the disease?
2) Are there any other ways one can lessen the symptoms of AD without having to use medication?
3) Thinking about genetics and the inheritance of AD, can one potentially alter a persons DNA for example by removing the APOE E4 allele?
4) What area of study do you think can give us answers to possible cures of AD?
5) How do you think we can cure AD?

Dear Ella,

Please clarify the formate which your supposed to use, where I'll be answering these questions because it looks to me as a homework question. If, however, this is an interview formate where I'll be answering the questions and the reader will know who I am and my credentials, please tell me where your project will be seen by the audience and what audience is meant - educational levels, age, etc..

Meanwhile, please feel free using our official resource answering most of the questions from one particular - metabolic - viewpoint:
Energy for the Brain.

I'll be happy to help after I'm clear about those specifics.

Best regards,

Tanya Zilberter  

Alzheimer`s Disease

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I can answer questions concerning prevention and the latest trends in treatment of Alzheimer's disease.


Worked as an expert consultant for the Mediterranean Institute of Neurobiology, then in the Institute of Systems Neuroscience in Marseille, France. Currently collaborate with the research group "Metabolism and Neuroprotection". Project: metabolic correction of neurodegenerative diseases; supported by the Alzheimer's Association grant. Developer and editor of the official website of the Group.

PhD in Neurophysiology

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