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Thank you for your help!

My father-in-law is 86 and has Alzheimer's. He was diagnosed about 5 years ago. As of April 22nd, he lives in a facility with others who have dementia/Alzheimer's.

He has experienced what seems to be unexplained. He has a good appetite and the staff appear to be feeding him a good amount of food. (The staff has now started actually feeding him.)

He was probably around 200 - 210 lbs at the time of diagnosis. It's not clear how much he weighed when he entered the facility but in December 2015 he weighed 181 lbs. Around the 3rd week of June he was weighed for the first time at the facility and was 151 lbs. A few days later at the doctor's he weighed 145 lbs. To the best of my knowledge, he hasn't been weighed since July 1st.

I was just wondering if there is ever any unexplained weight loss in Alzheimer's.

Thank you.

Dear Rachel,

Your father-in-law is lucky to have you looking out for him. Alzheimer's tends to go along with diabetes, and that would be my concern with unexplained weight loss. If they aren't tracking his blood sugar, that might be a good idea.


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