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I am in Canada and I am a Latina 18+ I was contacted online by a Marquetta Bella Donna's agent. I shot the video in Montreal and with an Asian cameraman.
We sent the video by e mail as the agent requested; but still have no news. Not sure if that is a scam or not. Nobody has paid us... As a precaution we covered our faces and still keep the rights : ) No contact has been signed with any company. Just wondering, what can we do it it?
So any advise, we will be more than welcome.

No contract?  You are out of luck.  And with no contract, and your faces covered, you would likely have difficulty claiming/proving any rights to the video.

And I would say chances are very good it is a scam.

There is little, if anything, that you can do at this point.  If you have particular concerns (e.g., you can demonstrate that the video is being used - for commercial purposes - by someone else) then you may want to consult a lawyer.  However, again, unless you can prove the video (with faces hidden) is of you (e.g., you can get the videographer to swear an affidavit) then I'm not sure what a lawyer can do to help you.  And lawyers don't come cheaply.  

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