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Amiga Problems/intermittent boot problem.


Hi, recently re-discovered my a500, initial setup was marred by the good old flashing red led. after the sulking coffee was made, i powered up again and everything was fine, solid red + green, drive buzzing, game loaded and played for ten minutes, and, DEATH, everything besides a solid red was gone. Opened things up, checked chips were seated(agnus was a little bit loose), nothings burnt, switched on again and had the same, booted loaded and played for ten minutes. I thought this might be a power supply problem? but this morning tried again and all I'm getting is a solid red, a short green as if everything's fine but no sound from the drive and no output to the t.v...... solid red only...

Hi Scott,

You've clearly tried everything you can in determining the source of the lockup. Not being very savvy with hardware myself, you could ask on the old Usenet newsgroups (now owned by Google) if anyone has an idea as to what the problem might be:

Failing that, one or more of the following Amiga stores should be able to provide technical repair services for your Amiga 500 (or a replacement if necessary):

* AmigaKit ( if you're in the U.K.
* Software Hut ( if you're in the U.S.

The following are stores that only offer replacement Amiga systems:

* AmiBay (
* eBay (

Sorry I can't be of any further help on this, but I trust one of these options will help direct you to the right answer to the lockup.


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