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Amiga Problems/Amiga 500 plus possible faulty disk drive?


QUESTION: Hi, I have acquired my friends old Amiga 500 plus and have been testing games load on it. About half loaded fine, the other half an error message would appear saying something along the lines on error on disk or error in sector etc.
Then I tried loading Speedball 2 and I think the drive just killed itself, it made an awful sound and now when I put a disk in it does not load anything, you can hear the drive move, screen goes to a solid purple color then back to the put your disk in screen. Sometimes it will come up with a message saying error on disk etc.
I am thinking it was the disk drive having problems all along and that is why it would not load alot of the games before it committed suicide. The computer and games were stored in the attic for along time and a few have started to get moldy spots on the boxes and the disks do not feel clean, that am guessing would not help matters.
I have just purchased a replacement internal floppy drive anyway.

What do you think?



ANSWER: Hi James,

You were wise to purchase a replacement floppy drive--it sounds like it may well have been the problem! That said, I wouldn't be surprised at all by the sheer age of the diskette media itself causing any number of "CRC" errors. Amiga hardware is literally just so old (around 20+ years now), that even if it was new, age is taking its toll. Mold certainly doesn't help--not just a risk to the media itself, but to your health (not good to have around).

In the event that the replacement drive doesn't work properly (again, because of its sheer age), I would be sure to return it for a refund. In the end, all you can do is hope that the hardware you buy is resistant to the aging process!

I hope this helps!


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Thanks for replying. Fingers crossed the replacement drive will be ok and the installation is straight forward.

Do you think its worth backing up the games and is there a way of fixing disks that won't load? There is a copy of X-copy 2 with all these games, I seam to remember using that back in the day but its so long ago I can't remember how it works.

I wish I still had my a600, cd32 and Atari st, those were the days. I have an emulator but its just not the same as using the original gear.


Hi James,

It's up to you in regards to backing up games--I'm not sure if, or how well, X-copy 2 would handle the copy protection on all games, but you could try it. As for fixing/repairing disks, the best freeware utility I know of for that is DiskSalv:

I hope this helps--I know what you mean about using real Amiga equipment; nothing can properly substitute for the real thing!


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