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Hi before we start, I want to thank in advance the opportunity you give us to repair our beloved Amiga.

I have an Amiga 500 from a friend, who has failed to boot from four years ago. When connected via RGB / Scart or with the modulator, just get a screen between black and green but no menu appears asking the Workbench. Could you give us any idea to fix it?
Also I found a faulty component in the zone of CN2, a capacitor is bad if I have not understood, but its format is not values​​. Specifically is numbered as C421, I understand that this connector should only affect the game connector, but good because I want to ensure I'm repairing.

Thank you very much.

Hi Juan,

From your description of the green screen that you see when trying to boot, it appears that the CHIP RAM might be bad (see the link below), though I would certainly try replacing the bad capacitor with one identical in value.

I'm not aware of a way to repair or replace the CHIP RAM (without getting a new motherboard) because of the fact that (if I recall correctly) it is soldered to the motherboard.

If you do need to buy a replacement system, the following store might be of help to you:

* AmigaKit (

And of course, some more online stores such as:

* AmiBay (
* eBay (

Sorry I can't be of any further help on this, but I trust one of these options will help direct you to the right answer to the lockup.

I hope this helps!


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