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Took it out of the closet after about 20 years.
Set it up, turned on the system and all I get is a flashing red light. Tried putting in a disk, (nothing happens).
Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Fred,

Is the flash red light coming from the monitor or from somewhere else, such as the Power LED?

If it's the monitor, you likely have a bad ROM (Read-Only Memory) chip that needs replacing. If it is the Power LED, then it sounds like a Guru Meditation Error (major system crash), and it would help if you could take a picture of the screen or write down the text and reply to me with it (should be a number).

Either way, it sounds like you may have a problem that will require an Amiga tech to repair, which could be rather costly.



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I certainly don't know everything about the Amiga, but having been a user of several different Amiga models for about fifteen years, I'm willing to share what I know.

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