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amiga boot screen
amiga boot screen  

When I start my Amiga 500 on boot screen shows vertical stripes.

I connect amiga to LCD TV using s-video input.

Is my Amiga broken or is a issue whit video input.

Thansk for help

Hi Tomaz,

Not being a hardware expert, I can only make a pooly-educated guess, but I would suspect some of the hardware within your Amiga 500 is at fault. You could also ask on the old Usenet newsgroups (now owned by Google) if anyone has an idea as to what the problem might be:

Failing that, one or more of the following Amiga stores should be able to provide technical repair services for your Amiga 500 (or a replacement if necessary):

* AmigaKit ( if you're in the U.K.
* Software Hut ( if you're in the U.S.

The following are stores that only offer replacement Amiga systems:

* AmiBay (
* eBay (

Amiga hardware and software is literally so old (around 20+ years now, which in computer terms, is ancient!) that even if it is "new", the aging process itself is taking its toll--especially on diskettes and floppy drives (but also components on the motherboards themselves), causing "CRC" errors and preventing programs from loading or operating correctly. In the end, all you can do is hope that any replacement hardware you buy is still somehow resistent to being so old.

Sorry I can't be of any further help on this, but I trust one of these options will help direct you to the right answer to the lockup.



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