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Is it possible to de-solder the female end of a A1200 68030/25mhz expansion card, put a male end on it, and plug it in to the FMV module port on the SX-1? I am an expert solderer, but need to know if this would recognize the card, first. I realize the system is bottlenecked to accessing 24 bits at a time.

I know this sounds crazy, but It's worth a try...

Hi Paul,

Honestly, I have no idea whether or not this would work--I'm not an electrical hardware guy (at the least), so I can't say. :( Sorry--but just being honest about that.

But that said, you could try asking on the old Usenet newsgroups (now owned by Google); I'm willing to bet someone there might know, seeing as some of its users are fairly tech-savvy:

I hope this helps!


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