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Mackie wrote at 2014-06-13 00:39:57
A song "me and you" is available on the facebook reference page, Tori Amos release or movie shelved...i

"Distant Storm" is off "Chynna O'Brien" ... her band name(post yktr)

Tess Makes Good...huh.... only way to hear is in background clip of movie(also on TAC)

Michael Stipe and Tori almost did a duet for Don Juan De Marco. legendary for its mere collaboration and its mystery, a tiny bit can be heard off TAC video archives in  spot on tv about the duet.

She co-wrote "Partyman" with Peter Gabriel(he performs it). you can hear her style in it. off the "Virtuosity"soundtrack.

There is an infamous blunder, "Kissing in the Rain"? Well it is actually Patrick Doyle , the composer, who wrote and an orchestra is performing it.

if i think of more i will add to this.

Amos, Tori

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I can answer almost all Tori inquires - as my years here as an expert can attest to. I have followed her closly for the past 15 years. I enjoy answering questions from my fellow Toriphiles and would love to help anyone in need! If I do not know the answer, I could sure get it for you by refrencing a book or web site. I am always searching too :)


I found Tori through a friend 15 years ago. We went to a show and I was in awe at the energy and passion she poured into the crowd. I have seen her over 20 times and every show has been unique and special in thier own way. I own more CDs than I can count and quite a few books. I am quite a happy EWF!!

I'm a high school graduate, some college courses under my belt & a certified Massage Therapist

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