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Hi Nancy

First, thanks for taking the time to read my question.

I heard in a recent Tori Amos interview that rabbit was a magical being that she knew who worked for half the year and lived in the great woods with fox. She mentioned rabbit in Cornflake girl because she thought it was romantic. Now that I have listened to Tori's 'explanation' I am more confused and curious!!! :) I was wondering if you had anymore information on that? Thanks again. Yazz

Hi Yazz!!

This song is one that people continue to wonder about....over and over again! I'm never surprised though as Tori herself has even said how abstract the songs of Under the Pink were compared to her LE album.

I have a few things to share and perhaps they can help shed some more light into it for you.

1) Rabbit in Tori's own words:

“The second verse, it just supports the whole thing. ‘Rabbit, where’d you put the keys, girl?’ Rabbit, in certain Indian traditions, it represents fear. ‘Rabbit, where’d you put the keys, girl? And the man with the golden gun thinks he knows so much.’ Well, those are my God references again. ‘All the sweateaze are gone, gone to the other side, with my encyclopedia. They musta paid her a nice price. She’s putting on her string bean love.’ Anorexic. They just put it on. If you go to their side and take up their case, then you’re a strong, independent woman. Well, you know, I’m tired of strong, independent woman equals. And there’s a list. Instead of - well, hang on a minute, the most interesting word here is vulnerability, that’s getting left out, because it’s associated with weakness. You don’t dress a certain way to be a strong independent woman. It’s fascist, and it’s the same - they’re no different. They’re the other extreme. I don’t feel a part of any kind of sisterhood.” [Baltimore Sun - January 1994]

Who’s Rabbit in that song?
“Rabbit is a Deadhead, who lives in Northern California. Rabbit is a girl. She lives in the forest, and makes beads, and she lives with Fox...I wished I could have been Rabbit!” [BAM - March 11, 1994]

2) Knowing the under lying premise to the song itself could help a bit as well:

“After I read Possessing the Secret Of Joy by Alice Walker, about how mothers sold their daughters to the butchers, that kind of floored me. One always feels safer when there are good guys and bad ones. But there are no good guys out there. And its not as if one sex can make it okay. Now with Cornflake Girl, the idea was that I always had this sisterhood and it was just blown to bits. I was betrayed by someone, a girlfriend, who gave me a pretty shitty deal. Her opinion was - I’m a shit - it depends on whose table it is that you’re having arsenic at. I think the disappointment of being betrayed by a woman is way heavier than being betrayed by a man. We expect it from you guys. It hurts, but I’m not shocked.” [The New Review of Records - 1994]

Those things being said, I personally have heard the song with all of that weaved together. Tori was so hurt by this betrayl of friendship. Then reading this book had her taking an even stronger stance on female/female betrayls. Then there's Rabbit who is this lovely little deadhead who Tori just adored.....someone who she saw as having the potential to unlock even the coldest of hearts. It's just always made sense to me that way. Not to mention the fact that Rabbit & Fox were a lesbian couple; two women FAR from the betrayl and very much into loving and nurturing one another. This was the dream that Tori has always had for women together rather than the uglier side of betrayl.

I know the interview that you are talking about, so I know that some of what I have just said is redundant. But here's hoping it brings you further from confusion and closer to an understanding :)

Thanks for asking!

~ Nancy

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