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Amos, Tori/Cornflake Girl - Rabbit


Mackie wrote at 2014-06-12 23:50:39
I was told by the person it's about that it's all about the 2 of them and her getting the guy and tori not.

Tori does a fair amount of BS-ing. it depends on wether or not she feels like revealing her meaning.

It is best to answer your question with yourself asking " what does it mean to me?"

"People's relationships with my songs is none of my business"- tori

And that says it all

Amos, Tori

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I can answer almost all Tori inquires - as my years here as an expert can attest to. I have followed her closly for the past 15 years. I enjoy answering questions from my fellow Toriphiles and would love to help anyone in need! If I do not know the answer, I could sure get it for you by refrencing a book or web site. I am always searching too :)


I found Tori through a friend 15 years ago. We went to a show and I was in awe at the energy and passion she poured into the crowd. I have seen her over 20 times and every show has been unique and special in thier own way. I own more CDs than I can count and quite a few books. I am quite a happy EWF!!

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