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Amos, Tori/interactive CD LITTLE EARTHQUAKES


I still love this album after 20 years.  Sometimes I just want to hear her vocals and piano only, sometimes just the bass and piano.  I would love it she would release an interactive cd where you can turn on and off tracks as you please.  How could I get this idea to her?


Hi Eric!

What a cool idea & yes I agree....LE is a classic :)

I have 2 address's for Tori:

This is the address I've shared for many years now. It's for her management and I have yet to have anyone tell me it's no longer in use:

Spivak Entertainment - Arthur Spivak and John Witherspoon.
Spivak Entertainment
11845 West Olympic Blvd
Suite 1125
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Here is another address you may want to consider. This is a post office box that her parents manage for her. People have had success in getting their message to her via this address as well:

Tori Amos
c/o Edison Amos
P.O. Box 880005
Port Saint Lucie, FL 34988-0005

I'd send it to both to ensure you've covered all possible bases.
Best of luck in getting your message to her and thanks for asking!


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I found Tori through a friend 15 years ago. We went to a show and I was in awe at the energy and passion she poured into the crowd. I have seen her over 20 times and every show has been unique and special in thier own way. I own more CDs than I can count and quite a few books. I am quite a happy EWF!!

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