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Amphibian/Spotted Chorus Frog not eating


About a month and a half ago, I saved a Spotted Chorus Frog from the suction of our pool's skimmers. I believe it's a male, and orignally, it was in about a 5 gallon container. Only problem now he's in a 25 gallon fish tank and hasen't eaten in 2 weeks! The sad thing is that, in order to keep her alive and for his own good, I force feed him a cricket today. Now, he did swallow and ate it, but he seems depressed now.

So here's my question(s):

Why didn't he eat? I hated force feeding him!

Why his he ''seemingly'' depressed?

Thanks if you can answer! I want the best for Sugie.

Gavin,   It really is as simple as this. I have to tell you because it's the law your frog is illegal to catch and keep without a permit. That said....Let him go not because of that but, Sugie is not doing well in captivity in fact this type of frog in general does not do well in captivity. Force feeding a reptile or amphibian is a last resort mostly because it can make them go of feeding forever sometimes. Let it go while its early enough for him to find his spot to brumate. This is his time of year to rest. Sometimes wild caught animals do really well in captivity and sometimes they just don't hun. I am sorry but, that's what I would do. A little bit about the habitat you should be keeping him in, its needs to be mossy and damp. You could probably mix the moss with some straw. He needs a place to get in and out of they water. They are not really a frog that is sold in shops. They are more of a tree frog than a water frog. Though they do like marshes and bogs and high grasses. If you are going to try to keep him, here is a care guide that would probably be the best way to keep him it is for a pacman frog its the closest thing I thought may be ok. There really are no guides for these guy's because of how unstable they are captive. You are going to read about the substrate, temperatures, water, and humidity.  They degrade fast hun. A quick side note they are usually never far from home. Box turtles will come out of brumation and right back to your yard every year and so will he. You may not see him but, he will be there maybe back in the skimmer next Good Luck, Tina


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