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Amphibian/can they live together


I have baby gecko and I am getting a  baby chameleon can live to gether? I have a 50 gallon fish tank that the gecko is living in.would that be ok if they live togeter.

Addi, Unfortunately depending on the Gecko it may end up being food for him. If they are leopard geckos they are nocturnal and they would be too stressful for them. Most of the time different reptiles do not live well with each other.Even with their own species in captivity. I am sorry. Good Luck, Tina


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Tina Beatty-Quiao


I can answer anything about the best habitat for them. Care and feeding. Possible disease. (very rare very risilient creatures) Newts,chinese ,japenese firebellies and frogs. What can live with them and handling. Even if you have questions regarding salamanders or frogs in your pond ask me.


About 15 yrs in the pet care industry. Deal with this on almost a daily basis...not the most common of

Besides tons and years of experience.....I have a college background in biology and chemistry.

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