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Amphibian/Pacman Frog


I just noticed my Pacman Frog seems skinny and not as round and fat as he normally does. He was also stiff with his legs straight out behind him, but hes not dead. I just fed him a couple days ago. He ate a small pinky mouse and he seemed in good health at the time. What could lead to such a drastic change? Hes not old either

Tom, He may have a blockage. I would recommend a vet ASAP. If you want to try to treat this on your own go and get some mineral oil and give him about half an eyedropper full for a couple days if no change take him with a stool sample to the vet. Let me know how he does. Good Luck, Tina


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Tina Beatty-Quiao


I can answer anything about the best habitat for them. Care and feeding. Possible disease. (very rare very risilient creatures) Newts,chinese ,japenese firebellies and frogs. What can live with them and handling. Even if you have questions regarding salamanders or frogs in your pond ask me.


About 15 yrs in the pet care industry. Deal with this on almost a daily basis...not the most common of

Besides tons and years of experience.....I have a college background in biology and chemistry.

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