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Amphibian/White's tree frog not eating (again)


QUESTION: I have a 15+ year old White's tree that refuses to eat. In Nov 2011 he stopped eating. He was still active, soaking and around in his tank. I had to bring him to a vet at that point, he lost weight and was getting weak. I gave him antibiotics for 5 days and then a dewormer for 14 days prescribed by the Vet. That worked great, he perked up was very active and ate like a pig. Now he stopped eating again almost 6 days ago and I had to force feed him with the mixture the vet gave me. He swats the crickets away and backs up. I have been hand feeding him since day one. I am at my wits end. We ran a bunch of test on him including bloodwork in Nov and all came out good. Organs are functioning good and his digestive tract was good. His temp is up and the humidity is good. I don't know what else to do.

ANSWER: Lisa, When you took him to the vet did you take stool that he checked for parasite's(worms). If he did ..... did you break the tank down and disinfect it with bleach 1/3 to water and start fresh. He may have parasite's again. If he is 15+ years you have been a great owner and he is very loved but, they do have a life expectancy of about 15 years. I have personally seen a couple that were around 20 so I know it is possible. If his organs are functioning well that is good sign so back to the vet for stool check. These are one of my favorite's and I just thought I would give you a couple interesting facts on the great contribution's he has given to us. His secretions are being studied to find potential treatments from high blood pressure to HIV. They have also adapted to us so well we almost have a symbiotic relationship...they will find places on our properties they like or even may come into the house to find moisture and I am hoping you can bring him back to health again. Please keep me updated, Good Luck, Tina

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QUESTION: She was able to get a little stool but nothing was found in it. She did put him on a dewormer just in case. Should I get him back on it again? I did clean the cage but maybe not enough. I will call the Vet again today and see if I can get more meds. Thank you for the info on the White's I did read about some of that :) Thank you for the comment of being a great owner, hes been a great "son" to have :) I just hope I can get him to snap out of it. My question is how would he pick up a parasite when he doesn't leave his tank? Substrate maybe?

Lisa,  It may have came in on his food. It is rare. Had the vet found parasite's the first time or was it just as a precautionary measure. If she didn't I would not change anything and would not worm him again. He is too week to take more parasitic. If she did then I would do a big clean out and worm again carefully. I would give him half doses. Like I said he has lived a very full life and is lucky to have you for a mom. Let me know how everything is going. Good Luck, Tina  


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