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QUESTION: We have a young pacman frog that when we touch it with our finger it will have like a spasm or a seizure.  Back legs go straight, front legs seem to pick up and extend, can see that he is grunting or something.  His eyes close very hard, mouth open, he seems to stay that way for about 10 seconds and then slowly comes back to normal.  I don't know what is going on and would appreciate any insite to what is happening.

ANSWER: Cyndi, Pac man frogs are not really pets to be touched. Not only because of the toxins in his coat but because eventually he WILL bite you. Trust me it hurts and stings and I have a numb Your frog is going into all he has as an offensive posture because he has no where to run. He does not take the stress of being touched well at all. So stop touching him before he has a heart attack. He is young still maybe he will get used to it later though I still don't recommend it but, I would wait awhile till he is more comfortable in his environment before trying again.  Good Luck, Tina

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QUESTION: I am not sure if this a correct answer, just because....this isn't our first pacman frog.  Our other one died of old age.  While this one is more aggressive, the other one never did this posturing.  And along with that...when we touch him with a soft rounded plastic piece, he does not respond like that.  We were thinking more like the static electricity in our hands was bothering him.

Cyndi,  Every animal is different. Your frog can tell the difference between a cold plastic stick and a five foot person with a 97 degree finger. Are you getting a shock when you touch him. I doubt it. I guess I would suggest asking another expert who has run across this problem more than a few times. Good Luck, Tina


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