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steve wrote at 2008-08-03 17:36:12
Vince Gill's ex-wife found a love note from Amy, written before the Gill's divorced and two year's before Amy and Gary divorced.  Makes you wonder about the rest of Amy's story if she's writing notes proclaiming her love for one man while married to another.

Suzy in New Zealand wrote at 2012-11-26 23:28:20
I too have been an Amy Grant / Gary Chapman fan since I became a christian in 1982, Amy Grant's album Fathers Eyes was my first christian record that I bought. I saw her and Gary live in New Zealand twice when they came here and have always saddened by their divorce. While not wishing to judge them as its not my place, my own feeling is it sounds like Gary did have some issues, which I believe he has admitted to on here somewhere, but it sounds to me that he was 100 per cent committed to saving his marriage. Again, not judging Amy, but I do have to wonder if her feelings for Vince Gill had already developed by then and that was her reason for the divorce. I do wish both her and Gary well and pray that God blesses them and their three beautiful children.  

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I have been a huge Amy Grant fan for over 5 years, I have all her CDs, I am a part of her fan club, and I have been to 3 of her concerts. I like to stay updated in what`s going on with her, so I hope to help others too!

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