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Anabaptist/I need good christian preachers name


dear brother

i love bill johnson preaching, t d jakes preaching, derek prince preaching, joyce meyer all are my favorite

like that kindly list out few australian US, russian swedish christain preachers

Brother Yusuf: Namaste!
You are asking me (specifically, an Anabaptist) for a good preacher's name, and I must assume that you need an online resource since you are in Maharashtra (and I'm in the USA). You mentioned certain TV preachers already, and so I must also assume that you get western religious media broadcast there as well. I would not want to be a spokesperson for, or enable in any way, the multitudes of onstage preachers that fulfill these end-times.;N

Verily: Yahweh can communicate through anyone or anything; the truth will be made known, even if Yahweh must speak through the mouth of an animal; indeed, even the rocks would cry out, if need be. Most of the humans that Yahweh will use for His eternal purposes, will not end up in the Kingdom of Heaven, when all is said and done: only those who live by His directives will be saved.;;NKJ;N

I have learned much truth through many people over the years; however, I also got many lumps of leaven in the process. It has taken time and much pain to extract those thorns. This is why I do not want to be the one to encourage you to listen to money-dependent westerners as your prime resource. It is better if you pray for wisdom - that prayer will be answered.;NKJ;NKJV;NKJV

The ego of men will often drive them onto the stages of the modern church business; they do this to be seen of men. It does not mean that what they say is wrong, it just means that they are not likely interested in the eternal Kingdom.

The Indwelling Holy Spirit humbles us in a very real and profound way: this epochal spiritual transformation is both radical and eternal; a portion of who we will be forever, we become now! We, the Elect of Yahweh, all surrender unconditionally unto the supreme and eternal Lordship of Yeshua the Messiah; we die to this life, and then we are reborn as spirit-centric humans being. Our ego is crushed; our pride is destroyed; our self-importance is done away with. Without that transformation, religion (of any brand) becomes what we see on the surface.

I believe that Yahweh has and will continue to use those on the stages, for the temporal benefit of the novice; however, those who are dedicated to the pure, unadulterated truth of Yahweh, will eventually be weaned from these (often emotion-centric) resources, and will instead, be fed directly from Yahweh, via the auspices of the Indwelling Holy Spirit.

In the meantime, you should look for people who do not copy or mimic their secular surroundings; those who are mindlessly enculturated. These people (today) are typically money-dependent, suit-n-tie materialistic capitalist consumers: You definitely want to avoid these more obvious frauds. Seek those who live a very simple, low-impact lifestyle; those who do not casually accept modernity; those who do not look, act, or think, like the bulk of humanity.

This guy McCarthy would be more in the direction that you would want to go, though I do not personally know him, and I would not want to recommend anyone that I do not know deeply. Therefore, this is only a template of what you should try to look for online. In closing: Godly men and women do not have stages or an audience to expel one's ego upon via a weekend monologue for a tithe. Therefore, you want to find those who live by laboring with their hands and by the sweat of their brows; those who engage the natural world daily.

In His service:  


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