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what happens to the soul and spirit of Christian and sinners immediately after death

Greetings Javane from St. Andrew, Jamaica!

I had to think about how to make this only 2-pages long; this is a hot topic that's been debated for millennia. I'm actually writing a book on this very topic, and so, imagine my surprise when I get a question on the very subject. But that's just it; this is a loaded question! Therefore, I will not answer it to every reader's satisfaction; hence, the book: much of this (herein) is a modified copy of that work-in-progress, already under copyright.

I write from a unique or rare perspective: I'm a literal, living disciple of Christ Jesus (this is not a religious label); I'm a devout follower of The Way , and not a mere consumer of a religion (study Bibliolatry as it relates to Pauline Christianity). Understand that I am therefore, not Catholic or Orthodox or Protestant. I believe that the Soul is a spirit (incorporeal) and so I'll assume we are referring to one thing: the human Soul. Also, all humans are sinners, so I do not see "Christian and sinner" as separate. To make a very long subject, shortened for this venue, I'll attempt to summarize as best I can (leaving out lots of details along the way)!

Since I read scripture from the illumination of the Indwelling Holy Spirit (John 14:23-27; 1Jo 2), and not merely as an academic exercise (i.e. the brain alone), my conclusions will surely differ from the Xians; the self-professing Christianized masses who are blindly enculturated, not miraculously recreated. To recognize this fruit-on-the-tree, they are those who will prosper, in some earthly way, from religion or religious affiliations; typically monetarily and/or egocentrically: they are driven by ego, pride, want and power; not Love, peace, humility and contentment.

The Faithless-Godless-Loveless masses, even consume and enable the businesses of religion, which are the dens of thieves (Mark 11) that Messiah exposed, condemned, and then eliminated on the cross (and indeed, was crucified because of). The enemies of the cross, both corporeal and incorporeal, directly resurrected religion, only this time, in the name of Jesus: The supreme anathema! They live antiChrist lifestyles, but then must pretend to be Saved, in order to adulterate the word so they can operate religion-businesses.

At physical death, every individual human will be at/on a different state/stage of life: E.g. All children die as an innocent, and therefore, will not be subject to the Judgment of Yahweh (Matt 19:13-14); kids often experience a continuation of life whenever they have a near-death event or experience (NDE), because while as innocents, they are already covered under the shed blood of the Messiah, and thus still surrounded by angels. If they physically die, they are quickly in the presence of Yahweh.

The vast majority of adult NDE's report nothingness, which is to be expected. All accountable adults (all who understand the eternal ramifications of right and wrong, among other factors) will face Yahweh on the Day of Judgment, with the very rare exception of those who are actually truly Saved; the Elect of Yahweh, which is an infinitesimal fraction of the entire population of accountable adult humans on Earth: Few there be that find it (Matt 7)!

The Elect of Yahweh will be likened unto children (Matt 18); we are rendered innocent, even while we yet live in a sin-capable state on Earth, simply because we are redeemed, right now, by the propitiation of the past, paid in advance for our future sins: Awesome, huh? Thus, the Elect of Yahweh will straightway be with our Heavenly Father, fully conscious and totally aware of the next phase. In order to partake in any physicality, we will of course, need to be corporeal again; hence the mention of a bodily resurrection.

Those indifferent to how their lifestyles affect this planet (Yahweh's creation and property), cannot and will not, be allowed onto another planet: Instead, the Godless Soul will be parked far away from all star matter (Jude), much like earthly law-breakers are imprisoned; separated from the law-keepers. They must/will be kept away from the works of Yahweh, to keep all the creation, and the children of Yahweh, safe.

The bulk of humanity: the Faithless-Godless-Loveless, money-loving, primal, mammon-serving, pleasure-led, sedentary, labor-less, consumerist, planet-hating, carnal, us-against-them, neighbor-despising, capitalistic humans (Matt 7:13-14, 22-23; Luke 13:24-28); they will experience a Soul-sleep (1Co 15; 1Th 4), computing herein the fact that lots of humans lived and died, BC! Effectively, the unsaved will be parked in an unconscious idle, while time catches up with them: The Day of Judgment!

On the Day of Judgment, those who were/are (while on Earth) already radically and eternally transformed by the Indwelling Holy Spirit, as a direct result of unconditional surrender unto the supreme and eternal Lordship of Messiah Yeshua; our precious Lord Jesus Christ: They/we will not be judged, for we are His everlasting children; we are the Bride of Yahweh; we are the Kingdom of God (Luke 17:21); we are the Body of Christ; we are mere Earth pilgrims; we are set-apart (from the masses); we are the bond-servants of a Master, even as He calls us friend! We are made alive on the day of our salvation, onward forever.

But the world; the nations (Matt 12); the bulk of humanity (including the culturally Christianized), will live and die on Earth, never having a pure, daily-dying, deeply profound, utterly life-altering, epochal, radically intense, hourly, personal relationship with Yahweh, due to a death-to/of-self, which is the only way to be reborn or born-again (John 3). E.g. The Godless-religious will pray publicly, but live privately and seek freedom in this life; conversely, the Elect of Yahweh pray in private (Matt 6), and live publicly via a Christ-centric lifestyle (think Amish versus tourist)!

Therefore, life after death will surely be experienced differently, depending upon the individual's Soul state at the point of physical death: none of us know when that will be. Those (eventually) judged unto the spacial abyss of empty space (hell), we be those who essentially flunked this experiment of life; this test of volition; this very purpose of life. This is because Yahweh is building a unique family of willing participants who will serve the Kingdom of Heaven, faithfully and forever, as we demonstrate while on Earth (Luke 16; 2Co 5) via our lifestyles. It's not about attaining physical perfectness, but rather a spiritual perfection!


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