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Hey Maria, thank's for taking the time,
Q: I was recently reading about the ancient Greeks
seems they had a hero soldier there & campaigning in
Britain his name was Creed & was revered in history as
unequaled in battle. Not to blow my own trumpet I'm from
the British isles & Creed is my given name do you know
anything about lines or relevancy of this/ my name.
Regards JCreed


I'm sorry, but in ancient Greek there is no hero whose name was Creed.

In ancient Greek in fact such a name does not exist at all, whereas there is the noun “σύμβολον” transliterated as “sumbolon”/”symbolon”  meaning “creed”/”religious creed” as e.g. the creed of Christianity.

So, I’m  really wondering where you have read that “the ancient Greeks seems they had a hero soldier there & campaigning in Britain.His name was Creed”.

As for the ancient Greeks in the British Isles and  the earliest Greek contact with Britain, please note that we know that the first known Greek to come to Britain was Pytheas, a Greek geographer and explorer from the Greek colony Massalia (modern day Marseilles, France) who in ca. 325 BC  made a voyage of exploration or better a periplus around an island that he  named Pretannia which became then Britannia, as we read in Strabo's Geographica, Pliny's Natural History and Diodorus of Sicily's history.

Later, during the 400 years of the Roman occupation of Britain from 43 AD to 410 AD,  many Greeks  arrived with the Roman legions as soldiers and traders, and their presence is attested by inscriptions on curse tablets, gravestones and dedicatory tablets in both Greek and Latin, but nobody of them was called Creed, as far as we know from our  primary sources.

To sum up, I’m sorry, but I have to repeat that Creed is not  a Greek name.

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