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Hi,i have a project to do and i need help. Im doing a project on 3 inventions made by Mespotamia. I need help with two of them the sail boat and toys on how they used them. Any info on it is great thanks


  Great subject, Paige:

  Kids in Mesopotamia played with much of the same kinds of basic toys kids do today. Archaeologists have found dolls and toy animals made out of clay. Many board games have also been found, and one seems to have been played much the way we play Backgammon.

  Mesopotamian civilization was one of the first civilizations to flourish. They were the inventors of wheels, cuneiform, and sailboats. Sailboats were of utmost importance to them as transportation was essential to their culture. Read this article to learn more.

  Five thousand years ago Mesopotamians started using sailing boats. Since Mesopotamia was situated between two famous rivers, namely the Euphrates and the Tigris, they needed water transportation for travel and trade. Some of the important items they are credited with inventing include wheels, chariots, sailboats and cuneiform (the earliest form of writing). These are just some of the contributions by the Mesopotamians to the modern world. All this and more was around four to five thousand years ago. Let's explore more about the important role of sailboats in their culture.

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