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What became of the Roman people in the years following the fall of Rome in A.D. 476? Did they flee? Did they die out? Were they assimilated into other cultures or did they disperse to other parts of Europe? Thank-you for taking the time to answer this question.


in the years following the fall of Western Roman Empire in A.D. 476 when Rome lost its role of capital city of all the Roman Empire the Roman people did not flee nor die out.

They continued living in their town, if you refers only to the inhabitants of Rome and its surroundings, as well as the inhabitants of all Italy, who continued to live in their own  towns, though standard of living had become  less safe from risk, since Roman military control and rule  did not exist  any more.

Moreover the Roman people as well as the inhabitants of all Italy did not disperse to other parts of Europe, but remained where they had lived till then, though  Italy was  subject to many barbarian invasions (the Ostrogoths in 493 AD, the Lombards in 568 AD, the Franks in 772 AD, the Normans in Southern Italy during the 11th century), while the pope ruled over Rome and part of central Italy, because of  lack of  a civil / military authority.

As for  your last question , i.e. “were they assimilated into other cultures?”, I have to tell you that such an assimilation occurred in the opposite direction, since it happened that  just the barbarians were assimilated to the Roman and Italic people,  whose civilization and culture were definitely superior, so that still today Roman civilization, culture, literature, military power, law, art, architecture, city planning, road system, hydraulics  can be traced to Roman origins.

Hope this can be helpful to you, though I had to  sum up briefly what happened after the fall of Western Roman Empire  in A.D. 476.

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