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Hello Maria,
Below I have copied a question that you answered previous on this site. I see that you are also an expert in Ancient Greek.
I was hoping you could tell me how to relate this same idea in that language?

Thank you in advance :)


"I am trying to translate the phrase "May the revolution be just" into Latin.  The Latin words for "revolution" I have found seem to simply mean a literal turning of an object.  If the same words were used for an actual political revolution indicating overthrow, that is fine.  I just need the integrity of the english phrase to be kept.
I would greatly appreciate any help you could give me.

Thank you so much."


if you want to know how the phrase "May the revolution be just” should be translated into ancient Greek, here is the translation:

Eἴθε  ὁ νεωτερισμός  δίκαιος  εἴη

Note that “revolution” is translated as νεωτερισμός (transliterated as “neoterismós”) meaning either “innovation” or in bad sense “revolutionary movement”, as we read in Plato’s Republic, 422a and  555d.

If you are looking for the translation of the English word “revolution” as "a rising up against", "an  insurrection",  you can also use  ἐπανάστασις (transliterated as “epanástasis”), as we read in Herodotus History, book 3, chapter 44.

In this case the sentence “May the revolution be just” would be as follows:

Eἴθε  ἡ ἐπανάστασις  δικαία  εἴη.

Read more below.
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Note that:

-May = Eἴθε (particle which takes the optative mood)

-the revolution  = ὁ νεωτερισμός or ἡ ἐπανάστασις  

-be = εἴη  (optative of the verb εἰμί, I am)

-just = δίκαιος (nominative masculine agreed with νεωτερισμός) or δικαία (nominative feminine agreed with ἐπανάστασις)

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